Saturday, July 21, 2012

Discuss Five Top Causes of Divorce

The more developed countries of the world have been seeing a continuous increase in the rate of divorce. Unfortunately the lesser-developed nation states are also showing signs of moving in the same direction though still way behind the developed world in this context.

The co-relation between the development levels of society and the high incidence of divorce is so strong that it has become a phenomenon. Today it is an inseparable part of research matter in the subject of sociology. However there are several causes to which this extraordinary increase in the rate of divorce can be attributed.

The increase in the overall economic development of a given society has an effect on society. It is a matter of observation that economic development leads to an increase in the rate of education and in the number of women joining the workforce. It also leads to an increase in social awareness and greater activation of various movements related to women's liberation. All this in turn affects social norms and marital relations.

The increase in income is supported by greater activation of societal movements. These in turn impact the laws of the land. In today's date, laws of the westernised states have made it easier for an individual seeking divorce to fulfil his or her own wishes in the given context. Yet there are several underlying reasons for the steep increase in the rate of divorce.


Infidelity or extra marital affair as it may be called, is one major cause of the increase in divorce. The new age society has got numerous different avenues, which enable people to get closely acquainted. There is increased interaction in the workplace. The regular clubs, gymnasiums etc also provide chances of greater interaction with others.

In the day and age of mobile telephony and Internet chatting, it is much easier and simpler to make friends and remain in constant touch with them. All this combined may result in lesser time for one to spend with his or her spouse and greater interaction with outsiders. This is one of the major causes for an increase in extra marital affairs and its consequent impact upon the rate of divorce.

Physical Abuse

The modern day lifestyle is full of pressures on all fronts of the human social life. There may be pressures at the workplace, peer pressures to have a better lifestyle and so on and so forth. This may result in an individual leading a highly stressed out lifestyle.

As the stress accumulates, it automatically searches for avenues to let out the steam. The easiest avenue is one's spouse. Thus a small argument may turn into a big fight and it may result in applying violent methods on the part of the husband or wife. Long term physical abuse can be a major factor in the decision to file for divorce.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is distinct from its physical version. Nevertheless it can have far reaching consequences for the sufferer. The scars of emotional abuse may not be visible but they can be so deep so as to mar one's personality for a lifetime.

There can be several causes behind emotional abuse. It can be the disgruntled personality of the spouse or mere jealousy owing to some aspect. Irrespective of the causes behind it, emotional abuse can be a truly traumatic experience. This is another major factor in the break up of marriages.

Incompatible Personalities

At times there may be nothing wrong with the marriage itself. It may be that both the given individuals are two truly good and honest people. Yet differences may crop up. Let us not forget that individualism is the hallmark of our age. Thus lack of compatibility amongst the husband and wife is turning out be an ever-increasing cause for divorce.

Financial Problems

In today's fast paced life, money plays an important role. Perhaps more today than ever before in history. As men mingle, the status of an individual is increasingly determined by material wealth. A lack of the ability to keep abreast with the peer group in this regard may cause unnecessary and avoidable stress on the married life of any two people.

Even otherwise if there is a dearth of money to meet the basic household expenses, there is bound to be a lot of friction amongst the husband and wife on this account. Any intolerable increase in finance related troubles could be a cause that leads to divorce.

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