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Here's The Information That You Won't Find In Any E-book, Cd/dvd, Or A Guru Seminar.. The Big Forex Conspiracy

The process to open a foreign exchange trading account is 'easy'; anybody with a little spare income can start trading immediately with Paypal and credit card deposits. Of course, the excitement for anyone new discovering about all the revenue there is to be made trading world's currencies is huge, they want to be a part of this trillion dollar market 'now' and 'today'. They want to grab their share speculating with the little money that they have but with both hands. Sadly enough more often these individuals lose their shirt before they even realise what went wrong. Trading becomes more like a gambling addiction and their eyes get blurred with the greed, yet they continue on risking and losing money in the hope to make back their losses.

Unbeknownst to many, the foreign exchange is the biggest trap one can fall into who is an inexperienced investor or an aspired speculator. Most brokers will highly leverage these amateur investors, many brokers will happily give you as much as 1:400 margin, which means for every dollar you put in you could borrow 9 for the sole purpose of trading. These brokers lure the inexperienced investor to sign up with them because they know that it will only be a matter of time when they will be earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars from these greedy, inexperienced traders.

After all, most Forex brokers are there to make sure that you go broke because that is how they earn their money. You may not know this, but currencies do not trade on a centralized exchange, which also means that your broker is legally allowed to not only manipulate the market data but they can and do take positions against you.

Have you ever wondered how profitable you would be if you knew the cards of your opponent? What if you knew how much trading capital they had and their stop and limits orders? Most importantly, what if you had complete control over the trading platform and the the ability to reject orders and re-quote your opponent during critical times, plus if you could freeze their trading accounts during volatile times and/or increase spreads to 20pips or more if you wanted?

How much money would you be able to make from your opponent with all that control? Yes, this is the exact same control most Forex brokers have over their clients, yet they will never tell you this but make you believe that they are an honest operation. They may 'allow' you to make a little money every now and again but the bigger agenda is of course to part you from your money and stuff it into their own pockets. It's a sad fact and it's time that you learned the truth.

Fear not though, because there is another way. What if I told you that there was a market you could trade which had strict rules set in place to guarantee fair play? What if you were given the same opportunity as the big boys to trade and make money in this market? What if your orders were actually sent out to an electronic exchange and matched with another marker participant, and if your broker only earned a small commission when you placed an order looking for your best interest? Are you ready to move away from the Forex market and give yourself a fair chance to make money with futures trading?

Dow Jones Emini Futures is one such financial vehicle which trades under the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and offers that ultimate freedom. This particular market has become increasingly popular over the years and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow as more and more traders realize the fair ground they are offered against other market participants, be it any average Joe or large financial institution. The small investor is finally offered a chance in the business of financial speculation, all they need now is an edge with an understanding of mass psychology and market behavioral patterns (also known as market personality).

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Many people fall into the trap of trading the FOREX for the wrong reasons. They want 'easy money' and everything that follows with it such as a lifestyle of a banker with an unlimited cash roll and the status of a celebrity. Anyone who discovers the so called opportunity to make money from FOREX wants a piece of the action not tomorrow, but today.

The process to open a foreign exchange trading account is 'easy'; anybody with a little spare income can start trading immediately with Paypal and credit card deposits. Of course, the excitement for anyone new discovering about all the revenue there is to be made trading world's currencies is huge, they want to be a part of this trillion dollar market 'now' and 'today'. They want to grab their share speculating with the little money that they have but with both hands. Sadly enough more often these individuals lose their shirt before they even realise what went wrong. Trading becomes more like a gambling addiction and their eyes get blurred with the greed, yet they continue on risking and losing money in the hope to make back their losses.

Unbeknownst to many, the foreign exchange is the biggest trap one can fall into who is an inexperienced investor or an aspired speculator. Most brokers will highly leverage these amateur investors, many brokers will happily give you as much as 1:400 margin, which means for every dollar you put in you could borrow 9 for the sole purpose of trading. These brokers lure the inexperienced investor to sign up with them because they know that it will only be a matter of time when they will be earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars from these greedy, inexperienced traders.

After all, most Forex brokers are there to make sure that you go broke because that is how they earn their money. You may not know this, but currencies do not trade on a centralized exchange, which also means that your broker is legally allowed to not only manipulate the market data but they can and do take positions against you.

Have you ever wondered how profitable you would be if you knew the cards of your opponent? What if you knew how much trading capital they had and their stop and limits orders? Most importantly, what if you had complete control over the trading platform and the the ability to reject orders and re-quote your opponent during critical times, plus if you could freeze their trading accounts during volatile times and/or increase spreads to 20pips or more if you wanted?

How much money would you be able to make from your opponent with all that control? Yes, this is the exact same control most Forex brokers have over their clients, yet they will never tell you this but make you believe that they are an honest operation. They may 'allow' you to make a little money every now and again but the bigger agenda is of course to part you from your money and stuff it into their own pockets. It's a sad fact and it's time that you learned the truth.

Fear not though, because there is another way. What if I told you that there was a market you could trade which had strict rules set in place to guarantee fair play? What if you were given the same opportunity as the big boys to trade and make money in this market? What if your orders were actually sent out to an electronic exchange and matched with another marker participant, and if your broker only earned a small commission when you placed an order looking for your best interest? Are you ready to move away from the Forex market and give yourself a fair chance to make money with futures trading?

Dow Jones Emini Futures is one such financial vehicle which trades under the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and offers that ultimate freedom. This particular market has become increasingly popular over the years and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow as more and more traders realize the fair ground they are offered against other market participants, be it any average Joe or large financial institution. The small investor is finally offered a chance in the business of financial speculation, all they need now is an edge with an understanding of mass psychology and market behavioral patterns (also known as market personality).

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How to Buy Mortgage Notes

When you think of a mortgage, you probably think of it as a way to finance the purchase or refinance of a home. Mortgage notes, however, can also be an investment option where you may be able to earn a return on your investment. Buying mortgage notes may also be referred to as hard money lending or private mortgages, where personal money is being used to fund the financing of a property. In exchange for buying mortgage notes, you receive monthly principal and interest payments on the amount of the note until the note is paid in full.

Find and contact a mortgage note broker. Mortgage note brokers or private mortgage brokers act as liaisons between investors looking to buy mortgage notes and borrowers. Use the yellow pages of your local phone book to locate and contact a local mortgage broker to see if they have any mortgage notes for sale.

Write up and sign a legal contract and promissory note. When you find a mortgage note or notes you want to buy, have an attorney draw up a legal contract between you as the mortgage note buyer and the borrower or seller of the mortgage note. A real estate attorney can draw up the contract as well as the promissory note for the transaction, which both the borrower and buyer must sign and agree to before it becomes a legally binding agreement between the two parties.

Establish and fund the escrow account. After all of the terms and conditions of the mortgage note purchase are in writing, you as the buyer must establish and fund the escrow account. This is the account where you deposit the money you're loaning to the borrower for the real estate purchase. The account is managed by a third party so that the doling out of the funds from the account is fair and equitable and in accordance with the terms of the written legal agreement.

Receive your returns on your investment. Each month, on a quarterly basis or in accordance with the terms set forth in the written agreement, you receive your checks from the escrow account, which is principal and interest on your mortgage note investment. This occurs until the note comes due and is paid in full.

The rate of return for a typical mortgage note can run anywhere from 12% to 15% for a mortgage note buyer.

The escrow account is also the depository for the monthly payments made on the mortgage by the borrower. When it's time for the mortgage investor to receive his monthly payment, the funds are disbursed from the escrow account as well.

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Home Loan Mortgage Rate Quote: Online Convenience

You can find ANYTHING on the Internet! Never is this as true as when it comes to finding home loan mortgage rate quotes. In fact, along with pornography, finance and banking has probably been the biggest internet success of all. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can find in a physical bank branch that you can't get from a bank over the Internet. This includes a home loan mortgage rate quote.

Convenience at Your Fingertips
Of course, buying a house is the biggest purchase that 90 percent of the world's population will ever make in their lives. So, it's probably advisable not to go through the entire process yourself with only a mouse for protection or counsel. It is a valuable, and often indispensable, part of a good decision-making process that you have communication with an actual human being with some expertise at some point. However, when it comes to the preliminary parts of the exercise, such as acquiring a home loan mortgage rate quote, Internet-based applications embedded into bank websites are convenient and useful. You simply enter the relevant data into various drop-down boxes and menus, and select the number of years over which you wish to have your mortgage. You will be given a number of options as to whether you would like to choose a fixed or floating rate over a time frame of anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The PHP software scripts - similar to a spreadsheet formula - automatically calculate your home loan mortgage rate quote.

Nothing's Definite Until You See It on Paper
Bear in mind, however, that an automatically generated home loan mortgage rate quote is by no means the "final word." If anything, it is more of a rough guideline or an estimate to get you started on thinking about your range of affordability. A home loan mortgage rate quote arrived at in this way is also not a contract and is not binding upon the bank or finance company in any way, shape, or form. So, you can forget about waving in your mortgage manager's face and screaming: "LOOK - IT SAYS SO RIGHT HERE!".

The real home loan mortgage rate quote is arrived upon when you sit down with the mortgage manager, broker, or consultant; and they take into account any number of a range of factors that my influence your case in one direction or another. The bank will take your financial situation and any other relevant factors into account, look at the numbers, and, in some cases, even things like job stability, work history, credit history, whether you have children or not, current assets, and partner assets. From that information, they will arrive at a picture of the borrower on which they will decide whether or not he is a good investment. The real home loan mortgage rate quote is then written in ink with a person's signature underneath, an old sign that a person is still held to be as good as their word.

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Subprime Auto Loans

What are Subprime Auto Loans?

The prefix "sub" means below or under and the word subprime means below prime or less than prime. So what does all this have to do with car loans? Well, when it comes to financing a car knowing what this means is very important. Individuals with credit that is less than perfect, have no credit, lack sufficient income or have experienced bankruptcy are usually candidates for this type of auto loan.

Advantages of Subprime Auto Loans

Applying for an auto loan does not have to take weeks, days or even hours. You can actually apply for automobile loans and find out whether or you're approved in just 60 seconds. Another advantage of applying for a used car loan online is that you can take your time searching, compare rates, get quotes and as previously mentioned, get approved within a minute.

Things to Consider before Applying for Subprime Auto Loans Even though there are some pretty good advantages associated with subprime auto loans, there are a few things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Since the borrowers of these car loans are typically those with an unusual or a challenging credit historyas previously mentioned, lenders consider financing a car under these circumstances a high risk. Therefore, interest rates are likely to be significantly higher than a prime or other traditional loan. Another thing to be aware of and consider are the costly fees attached that are often not affiliated with more traditional loans. Also, some lenders may tack on a pretty steep penalty if you should happen to pay your loan off before time. So, be sure to take some time and shop around before making your final decision.
A Final Word on Subprime Auto Loans Obtaining automobile loans is a path often taken by many to get the car of their dreams or the car they need. Just because your current credit situation is less than perfect or you too perfect because you haven't established any yet, you still have the right and privilege to choose how much interest you want to pay, even though it may be higher. Before you begin shopping and settle on a used car loan, know what kind of car you are looking for and what the blue book value is for that particular car. Know ahead of time how much you can afford to spend every month on car payments, that way when you apply and are approved for a certain amount you already know your limit. For some this is your first shot in the credit world, for others this is your second or even third, so be sure to make your payments on time.

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Retail Store Financing/leasing And Business Cash Advance

For this update, retail store financing can come in the form of business loans and businesses seeking working capital in the structure of a cash merchant advance and/or merchant cash loan. Todays financing market is very illiquid in presenting retail businesses leasing/financing. Most financial institution portfolios are better off served in different industries from a risk/reward factor. However, there are niche banks out there that will think about retail store financing but usually require the candidate to have at least a minimum of one to two years time in business. On the whole startups don't have a chance unless their personal credit score are over 700 and are willing to pledge additional collateral to the arrangement with additional clear and free assets. The lenders that finance retail store financing will properly offer up to ,000 application only and over that amount full financial and tax disclosure would be mandatory Accepted leases can run between 24-60 months with various buyout clauses

The following is the type of retail stores under deliberation:

Book stores, sporting goods stores, clothing stores, pizza shops, men and womens apparel stores, discount stores, pharmacies and drug stores, fast food restaurants, music stores, video stores, franchise restaurants, mail centers, pet grooming stores, dry cleaners, tanning salons, etc

The most unique part of this commentary is the merchant cash advance/loan programs. Generally people aren't even attentive of these programs.

The primary question a lot of people are asking is what is a merchant cash advance? An established business in existence for one year or more with visa and mastercard sales can qualfiy for a loan or a merchant cash advance on their historical activity up to 0,000 from a financial institution and 0,000 or more per location from a true merchant cash advance company. The monthly average of their visa and mastercard sales x 1.5 will be a qualifying amount that the lender will fund up to. A number of cash merchant advance companies will lend up to 0,000 per locality.

This is a great way for a business to get hold of working capital. Most conventional financial institutions shy away from the retail industry.

These cash merchant advances/loans are good for businesses that have seasonal cash flow needs, that aren't capitalized correctly and need more time to achieve their sales base, have credit issues that can't be overcome at the bank, businesses that want instant cash nowadays, and perceptibly numerous other factors tailored to specific businesses.

These institutions aren't FICO driven and are involved in you past Visa/ Mastercard Sales for the preceding six months. Usually the company's bank statements, the merchant processing statements and a signed application are required to begin the lending process. Once the financial institutionhas received these requirements, a decision can be made fairly quickly, usually within 24-48 hours. Beyond an acceptance, the money is usually funded within seven business days.

The next obvious question, is how does the customer repay back the loan or cash merchant advance? It is from the forthcoming card sales, a tiny piece is paid back each day to pay back the financial institution This is imperative because there are no balloon payments or monthly payments to consider. The lendercalculates a diminutive repayment per day that can last up to one year.

Finding available capital whether through leasing and working capital can be very complex in todays times. The cash merchant advances/loans can offer the seasoned business an distinctive opening to obtain funds without all the red tape conventional banks demand

Happy hunting for your financing..

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Real Estate and Global Warming Facts

The number 1 area that will see a huge increase in real estate value due to global warming

Adam: Hi, This is Adam, here with Steve Soreno, author of the Global Warming Survival Bible.
We've covered a lot about safety and survival. Are there positive effects from global warming?

Steve: Yes, definitely. Anything bad has a silver lining. In the case of global warming, that silver lining can be substantial. As an example out of the multitude of possibilities, there will be benefits to the real estate value in some areas of the world, or even areas within some countries or very small specific regions. And I'm saying that because an increased valuation will be caused by two things: for one, some areas will in fact benefit directly from global warming and that will have a positive effect to real estate in these specific areas. Secondly, some areas may not benefit directly but the fact that some neighboring regions will suffer more from global warming will make these places be perceived as an increased value. Broad examples of places that will benefit from global warming are: parts of Canada, Norway, Sweden and other places as well.

Adam: Do you have an example?

Steve: Sure, as an example, Northern parts of some of the Canadian provinces will see increases in real estate value of 4-5-6 hundred percent in the next 10-20-30 years because these places will have a huge influx of people in the coming years. And that will happen because a lot of people from all over the world will want to escape drastic climate changes in their own countries and will migrate to Canada. Why they'll want to migrate there? As an example northern Ontario has more lakes and fresh water than any other place in the world, its northern parts will warm up to become good for agriculture, and it has plenty of uninhabited space that is extremely affordable now.

And this is just an example, but there will be other positive effects from global warming that people can make the most of. However, as with anything else, timing is crucial.

Adam: Awesome stuff, Steve. If you'd like to learn more about what you can do to prepare for future changes visit You can also get the rest of the videos in the series plus two chapters from Steve's international book release.

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Cool Gadgets for Daily Life

We live in an interesting world. Every day, we can meet many different kinds of interesting gadgets. How many gadgets do you still remember? For me, I choose a good way to remember them. When I meet a cool gadget, I will record it in my blog. And now, in my blog there are many cool gadgets for daily life. Now, I introduce them to you, and I believe that you will love them.

Paper Chair
A black paper chair, do you want to sit on the chair? When I was a child, my mom said the cloth shoes are so comfortable, we search our file about the chair, it's designed by the Russia designer Vadim Kibardin. His works named Black Paper 37, from the image the felling is so good.

The chair is completely made from the black paper, a layer of the paper pile on another layer then shaped made the great work. If the thousands chair really used the thousands layer paper, that will be too exaggerated. Mr. Vadim finished the works only used 37 layers paper.

The chair really is so good, it look like so thin to be crashed when a person sit down. But it's owned a great elastic character. We also can prove the chair material is not the common write paper. Otherwise, when a person sat down on the chair once it will be a disposable chair.

Paper Bicycle
A designer spent made the bicycle. It sound like someone is talking about the dream. But the designer Giora Kariv realize it, the inspiration usually we can see someone made a paper boat can take someone in board. Kariv buddy have read the paper, he decide made a bicycle by the corrugated case. From the image shot, we knew he is successful, we also surprise he is only cost , the corrugated case can bear 136kg burden, it enough for a muscle guy ride it. If the day is rainy day, it's also without any question.

But, do you think is there some especially points of the bicycle? Of course not, but the thing is like a miracle. When we first see it, we will think it's made from wooden material. During the manufacture period, all of the components and parts is made from paper. In order to make sure the strength, the corrugated case is like roll shape, and the other point, the product is white. We think the bicycle is used the anti-water function or some different paint make sure it can ride across a pool.

Cool Mobile Phone
Today we can save the thousand mobile phone number, but slowly, we really need so many mobile phone numbers. I mean there are billions people on the world, we usually only need several the most close connector number, e.g. the most old and the young kids. For them, the OwnFone is easily control that will be the most comfortable mobile phone.

The mobile phone size likes your credit card, low cost even hasn't the screen, but it's designed for everyone especially designs.

The front screen only has 12 shortcut buttons. Every press button print the Father, Mother, Grandpa, Grandma, this will save the most time for the old man can't see the screen clearly but they also want to search the number. Those numbers only useful for yourself, useless for the others, if you think the Mum, Daddy is easily release your personal information, you also can print the Susan, David name on the button.

Buying A Condo As An Investment Property - Pros And Cons

If you're like most people, you want your financial future to be better than your present, or at least not worse. So, you set money aside and think of ways to make it grow. The options seem endless, but you've selected real estate as your investment arena, and you're considering condos.

Condos have several advantages over single family houses or 2-4 unit buildings. And several disadvantages. In my conversations with people who've invested in condos, few were aware of all of them. So here they are.

Advantages of buying a condo as an investment property


Maintenance needs to be done on all properties. Condos, especially condos that are professionally managed, offer some relief to condo investors.

You don't have to worry about roof, stairs, landscaping and such. The association takes care of them. For a price, it's true, but you don't have to do them.

Some of the problems inside the unit can also be taken care of by the complex maintenance crew. That varies from condo association to condo association. And they charge you for it, but you don't have to drop everything else and run to your condo because the sink's leaking.


Some condos are very expensive. However, houses of similar size in the same neighborhood cost more. So, you can buy an investment property in a better neighborhood. Also, in most areas, there's no such thing as a 1-bedroom house, but there are 1-bedroom, or even no bedroom, condo units. And, usually, there are people willing to rent them.


Amenities vary from condo association to condo association. But it's possible to invest in a condo located in a complex that has swimming pool, 24-hour security, and such things.

The disadvantages of buying a condo as an investment


You have to follow rules that are not yours. Each association has its own rules. And the rules can change. One of the rules that can change is whether tenants are permitted or not. If you own a condo and the association votes no more tenants, when your lease is up, you either move in or sell. Your association might decide to go with the 'no more tenants' rule at a time when selling is not a great option.

Or, worse, they decide to allow too many rentals. Too many tenants can make getting a mortgage difficult (FHA and others do not like condo associations where more than 10% of the units are rented.) which makes reselling your investment difficult, not to mention refinancing it.

Shared decision making

Yes, you could make sure you have something to say about decisions and get yourself elected on the board of directors; still, you are not the only decision maker.

Association fees

You have to pay the same amount whether your unit is rented or vacant. In other words, you get to pay the same amount whether you use or not the services (for instance, the water bill portion of your assessment).

Special assessments

When you bought your condo unit, there were no special assessments and none were being considered. Six months later, the association decides it's time for a new face and there's not enough money in the reserves. They decide to go ahead with the face lift and pay it with special assessments. Your share is going to be twice your profits for the next 20 months. Can happen.

Yes, things can go wrong with a single family investment or an apartment building investment. But there you have more control. Because there you can have a home inspector inspect the whole structure. Because there there's no board of director's member whose boyfriend owns a construction company that could use a few thousand dollars.

So, overall, buying a condo as an investment is not the way to go. That is, if you can afford a single family house. A single family house is not the best way to go if you can afford a 2-unit building. A 2-unit building is not the best way to go if you can afford a 3-unit building and so on. Because of 2 reasons: when a condo is vacant (or a single family house) the whole income source is gone but the expenses are still there.

In any case, if you're buying a condo as an investment property, you should know what you're getting into.

6 Tips To Get The Right Equipment Lease Financing Deal

Equipment lease financing is very beneficial to businesses, especially to those who are in a financially tight position and to those who operate in a rapidly changing technological environment. In leasing, business organizations won't have to purchase the business critical equipment, they just need to pay a monthly rental fee to the leasing firm to use it.

All types of equipment from major manufacturing equipment to smaller items, such as computers can be leased from lenders like banks, finance companies, bona fide business equipment/office equipment leasing companies, equipment manufacturers or retailers.

Tips for getting the right deal

1) Find the Right Leasing Partner

As you will be dealing with the leasing company for a long time and it is the question of your business critical assets, take great care in choosing the right leasing firm. This way you will be able to save time and avoid later problems because of a substandard lease. Look for a business equipment or office equipment leasing company who are experienced, have good reputation, are in good financial shape, and have a relationship approach to the business.

2) Choose the Right Lease

When choosing the right lease give utmost attention to details like lease pricing, lease flexibility, balance sheet considerations, equipment obsolescence, the anticipated period of equipment usage and your firm's credit status. This analysis will help you arrive at the right decision with regard to the type of lease most beneficial to your business and finances. The lease types you can choose from are a capital lease, finance lease or operating lease.

3) Opt for short End-of-lease Notice and Renewal Periods

Usually the notice period ranges from one to six months. And if proper notice is not served, automatic renewal kicks in which can last from one month to 6 months. You can opt for short notice and automatic renewal periods to avoid paying unintended lease charges.

4) Minimize Interim Rent

Interim rent is the amount paid to the leasing firm for using the equipment between the equipment acceptance and lease start dates. You can opt for delivery and acceptance towards the end of the month as the first day of the month is usually the official start day for leasing firms. In case you fail to do so, you can request a limit on interim rent.

5) Make sure that Lease Term and Projected Equipment Use match

This is important because your lease might run out before your project is over resulting in extra expenses and disruption in work or idle leased equipment for which you have to keep paying. This might also result in premature surrender of the lease which itself will attract penalties. So be very careful in determining your requirements and the expected period of use when deciding the lease period.

6) Identify and Understand All Potential Fees

Leasing proposals are replete with a myriad of fees and penalties such as commitment fees; non-use fees or facility fees, per schedule documentation charges, attorney fees, penalty charges for late rental payments, early lease termination charges etc. You can save a significant amount of money if you can prove yourself to be a good potential customer on the basis of your financial position, market position etc. So understand all the inherent fees and charges and negotiate hard. Remember that if you are a strong candidate there are numerous business equipment/office equipment leasing companies in the market.

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Business Loans With Bad Credit: Not The Only Financing Options Worth Considering

For every business owner, it is a major challenge to get approval on a business loan with bad credit. The economic climate makes life difficult for many small businesses, with lower consumer spending and growing pressure from lenders to maintain existing loan repayment schedules. But there are alternative options.

Whether keeping your business afloat or starting a new business, there is finance available from lenders. But while approval is down to the strength of your application and, ultimately, the decision of the lenders, the type of financing sought is down to the applicant. The key choice is between a loan or a line of credit.

Of course, when dealing with business loans or other financial packages, there is no such thing as a nominal amount of money. Getting things started or keeping an operation going requires real financial help, so sums of 0,000 and more are needed. But there are options to securing this kind of funds.

Getting a Startup Loan

Research is always important when approaching a lending institution with the intention of securing a business loan with bad credit. The principal concern is that, whether going to a major bank or a large private lending firm, the relationship will be long term. So, it is best to get all the facts necessary before deciding on a deal.

The main issues that need to be agreed upon are interest rates, repayment schedules, and any additional options that can be activated in the future should the task of repaying the loan become more challenging than expected. It is also worth asking about taking a line of credit instead of a loan to see if their terms are better.

When it comes to approving a business loan to finance a new business however, most lenders are very open to the idea. But they will still want to know the personal credit history of the applicant, as well as details of any previous business experience.

Choosing a Line of Credit

Getting a business loan with bad credit is not always the best option. Certainly, once a loan is approved the pressure to meet the agreed repayment schedule begins. It is not such a comfortable position to be in when starting out, or even developing revenue potential. It is, therefore, worth considering an alternative.

Agreeing a business line of credit can work to your advantage better. This is where a bank agrees to a maximum sum but only interest is charged on the actual amount of funds spent by the borrower. If, for example, 0,000 is granted and the borrower spends just ,000, then interest on that ,000 is charged. The balance can be accessed whenever necessary.

What this means is that interest payments can be kept lower than with a straightforward business loan. This is because no interest is charged on the remaining ,000 until it is spent, while interest is charged on the full loan amount.

Other Key Considerations

There are some other aspects that should be considered before seeking a business loan with bad credit. Not least is the fact that, because of a low credit rating, the interest rate charged on the loan will be high. So, the size of the repayments each month can be quite high too.

The alternative option allows for interest repayments to be kept under better control, if the borrower can control spending initially. Therefore, securing a line of credit is a much more cost-effective.

For this reason alone, more and more businesses are favoring this option ahead of the all out business loan. However, it is essential that the specifics of both options are discussed in detail before agreeing between one of the other with your lender.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take a Break From Trading

We all know that a lack of discipline and being unable to control your emotions are the downfall of many a trader. One of the most regular stories I hear is how traders on a great winning streak, then go on and give back all of their profits in a series of losing trades.

Why is this? Well, after a decent winning streak, traders will be on an emotional high, feeling invincible. So what do they do? They go ahead and take more trades, trades that they would not normally take with a clear head. Trades that have not setup correctly for their normal trading rules, trades that are perhaps more risky, trades where they risk more than they should. Sound familiar?

The very nature of trading means that it will stimulate your emotions, both positive and negative, frequently swinging between extreme highs and extreme lows. Understanding how your emotions and subconscious mind work are critical aspects of trading and it is important to at least recognise when your emotions are running high.

The professional trader understands their emotions and understands how not keeping a check on their emotional state can impact trading. The professional trader knows that sometimes it is best to sit the market out.

The amateur trader however, often gets sucked in and lets their emotions rule their trading. The amatuer trader feels they need to always be 'in the market', leading to revenge trading when they are losing, or perhaps refusing to take a loss and widening a stop-loss. When they are winning overtrading and increasing risk and position sizes are a common trait. Of course this usually ends in tears. Sound familiar?

Emotions, if unchecked can lead to some regrettable trading decisions. Ultimately you need to remain disciplined and stick to your trading rules, but of course that is easier siad than done and requires practice and effort.

If you have just had a poor losing streak or a decent winning streak, it is often best to take a break, stay out of the markets and wait until you have your mindset and emotional balance back in check. If you just had a series of losses, do not rush in to try and 'win' it back. Assess what happened, review your trades and see if you made some errors.

If you just made some great profits, so do not rush to give it all back. Your trading plan should tell you what to do if you have a series of losers or if your account is drawndown by a certain percentage. Your trading plan should also tell you what to do after a series of winners. Reviewing your winners is jsut as important as reviewing your losers.

This week I had a great week. Sure there are some setups I am watching and I coudl take some more trades, but it is Friday so I intend to make sure I finish the week off on a good note and that means not giving my profits back. Sometimes not trading is the best trade of the day. I will spend some time reviewing my winners and assessing how I am tracking before I take my next trade.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mumbai - A Hotspot for Real Estate Investors

The city has always experienced a rapid growth in its robust economy, mainly from the real estate sector. People are willing to stay and invest in Mumbai due to its business friendly environment and potential to convert millions into billions.
Due to higher property rates in Mumbai, earlier buying was also not affordable for people. But now the conditions have changed and the residents can buy flats according to their suitability and affordability. Thanks to the increasing number of real estate companies in Mumbai, they have enabled a common man to afford flats in Mumbai.
Such companies are also concentrating to construct spacious bungalows and villas with garden, as the demand for such bungalows is increasing. However, some of such bungalows and are available in Andheri West, Juhu, Bandra and Goregaon East and south Mumbai, but they are too expensive to afford.
The most commonly sought apartments in Mumbai are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. These real estate companies also provide their clients with buildings and pent houses, available with 5 and 6 Bedrooms, including terraces, balconies etc. The best investment options recognized by the real estate companies are the pre-leased properties with high profile tenants. However, the locations targeted by the real estate companies are mainly sub-urbs, which are expected to experience new developments.
Areas suitable for residential property investment in Mumbai are Panvel and Navi Mumbai, espacially areas near Navi Mumbai airport, the Nhava-Sewri sea link, etc. These areas are also beneficial for future prospects due to strategic proximity to Lonavala and Pune. The proximity to the expressway and increased access to Mumbai has made these places worth investing.
The new housing developments in Mumbai have a high real estate value, due to increasing demands. The increased rental rates, both in residential and commercial properties, have made investments in Mumbai the most profitable industry trend. NRIs are finding Mumbai as their most favourite and secure place for investment. To cater the demands of NRIs, builders and developers of Mumbai are introducing new residential and commercial projects.
Apart from NRIs, various foreign companies are also planning to venture in India, and have chosen Mumbai as their favourite spot, which forms the main reason for increased property rates in Mumbai
The features that make real estate in Mumbai a hot deal are:

Low telecommunications cost.
Adequate manpower.
Availability of basic amenities for better quality of life.
Superior and advanced infrastructure.
Improved intra-and-intercity access.
Home to the headquarters of many large corporate houses.

Other factors aiding in the increasing demand of flats and property in Mumbai are - increase in the number of IT, BPO, KPO and ITES sector, besides it being a hub of renowned business centers and Indian cinema.
Apart from making the property available for higher class, the builders and developers also concentrate on lower and middle class people, who dominate the population of Mumbai. There are affordable flats for sale in Mumbai, which are mainly 1 BHK or 2 BHK flats.

Possessing a property in Mumbai is the dream of millions, which has been made possible with the advent of such builders and developers, offering flats at affordable rates. The Government is also co-coordinating with these real estate builders so that more and more people may get benefitted and get flats and apartments on comparatively lower prices.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chelan County Short Subdivision

According to Chelan County/WA a short subdivision aka Short Plat is the division of land into four or fewer lots, plots, sites, parcels, or tracts. note: examples are based on Chelan County Code but, the same principles are used in all counties. Check with your jurisdiction on the different type of subdivision they offer.

This means that if a parcel of land's zoning allows for division of land, then a person can go through the short plat process and achieve this division. Example: A 10 acre parcel, zoned RR2.5 or 2.5 acre min. lot size, can be short subdivided into four separate lots each with separate parcel numbers. As you can see this can create a tremendous amount of value. Note: Zoning designations can be different in different counties, cities and states, check with a professional or local agencies to find out the current zoning for a specific property.

This process is commonly thought of as dividing a large plat of land but, this same process can be used in Urban areas. Example No. 2 - A 20,000 sq. ft. lot, zoned UR3 (Urban Residential 3) Chelan County WA, can be divided into four, 5,000 sq. ft lots or 7,000 sq. ft. lot with a duplex.

Example 3 - Through your research your calculation determine that you can subdivide into 6 lots based on the zoning and parcel size. Within Chelan County WA you would then have to go through a formal subdivision process. This process will take at least 6-8 weeks longer to complete, require two hearings with the county and a significant increase in development costs i.e. roads, utilities, engineering etc. As you can see the variable cost of developing 2 additional lots may exceed your return.

The advantages of a short plat are reduced application process time, reduced development costs, reduced project risk and earlier return on investment. Check with your county or cities planning department to determine what process is right for your project. Or Contact a professional land use consulting firm to perform a project analysis.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Fax Small Fee Payday Loans

The first issue you want to do is go on the web and search for payday mortgage companies. You need to come across about 5 distinct corporations that will do the loan for you without having a credit score look at or getting to fax in any paperwork to the business. These are the type of firms that will be able to get you revenue both the exact same day or the up coming day.

The subsequent factor you have to do is test these businesses to make confident they are legit. They want to have an handle that is not a PO tackle, a customer support number that will work, and they need to have to have testimonials on their website. You can also examine them versus the better small business bureau and the attorney basic for complaints and lawsuits. Now you can remove any of the providers that do not healthy the bill.

The previous matter you need to do is go ahead and apply. You will get accepted for at minimum some total of dollars as extensive as you have a bank account, are 18 decades old, have a work, and are a United States resident. This is all it will take and you can get your dollars within just 24 to 48 several hours and this can be incredibly useful. No fax very low charge payday loans are great for anyone that demands the money rapid and does not want to be embarrassed.

Quite a few would not be familiar with the expression payday mortgage, but all those who are, know that it is a pal in want. This loan can support you to crystal clear some of your smaller financial demands that crop up in the middle of the month. This mortgage ensures that you are not left higher and dry when you have to pay for your son's summer time venture or our wife's sudden desire for extra cash. But what really is a payday mortgage? Very well, a payday loan is a little mortgage that is disbursed by the banks and the economic establishments for a brief interval of time i.e. until your future payday.

Fast payday loans no faxing is a mortgage that is provided with no any mortgages or securities and you are to fork out back the dollars on our upcoming payday. This loan makes sure that you are capable to get maintain of your loan in one particular or two days of your application. You can avail the mortgage at minimal or no paper function. Of course, contrary to the normal belief or convention that a loan has to pass by stringent scrutiny of mortgage software, you can get access to payday loans not having any hassles. This loan demands you to only submit your software and you would get the needed sum of cash on the identical day.

There are quite a few fiscal firms that supply their on the net help for the disbursal of these loans and you only need to log on to their web-site for the submission of the application. Here, you are required to fill the on-line software kind and within 24 hours of its submission, you would be getting the requested dollars. Neither do you call for faxing your software nor do you have to go via a credit score look at.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What are logbook loans?

A consumer who is strapped for cash could make a logbook loan using their vehicle as collateral for the money received in the loan. Logbook loans are loans made on a clear logbook from a car. There are a few criteria regarding the ability to secure a logbook loan, but for the most part, these are loans for people who do not want a credit check and need cash quickly.

A logbook loan will be given to a car owner if the logbook is clear. This means that there are no financial obligations attached to the vehicle. Any taxes or insurance owed on the car will need to be paid before a logbook loan can be extended to the owner of the automobile. The vehicle must also be registered under the name of the person requesting the logbook loan; it cannot be someone else's vehicle. And it must remain in the logbook loan recipient's name for the duration of the loan; the vehicle cannot be sold without first satisfying the logbook loan.

A vehicle being offered up for a logbook loan needs to be in good shape and no more than ten years old. To insure that the car is being well cared for and that insurance coverage is held on the car always, the owner must have a MOT certificate on it. Then, every three years, a new MOT inspection will take place to make sure the vehicle is up to the standards of a vehicle on able to drive on the roadways of the UK.

Besides keeping the car in good shape, a vehicle owner needs to pay all the taxes and insurance on their car while it is under a logbook loan. It will need a valid license at all times, along with insurance and the driver will need to cover any road taxes that arise during ownership of the car.

The owner of the vehicle must have a full-time job or a steady stream of income to obtain a logbook loan. This is so that the owner of the car can repay the logbook loan in a timely manor. Since logbook loans do not require a credit check, there is no need to be concerned over bad credit. These loans on the vehicles logbook are specially designed for people with poor credit or downright. It is a way for them to receive quick cash when they need it most.

Before applying for a logbook loan, a car owner needs to make sure they can comfortably pay back the funds through the payment schedule agreed on. If the monthly payments are going to be too much of a burden, then officials warn against going through with a logbook loan. However, if a car owner can fit the logbook loan payments into their budget and are in need of the cash, then this is one best way to obtain it if all the criteria are met and rules are adhered to during the loan period.

For people who need cash now, for emergencies or whatever life has thrown at them, they can obtain the money they need through a logbook loan quickly and conveniently. There are logbook loans online, through financial institutions and banks. Applying for a logbook loan is quick, easy and confidential.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Tips To An Effective Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship letter is well-defined as a marketing letter where the writer has to market his or her beliefs and strategies with regards to a specified project. There are many reasons why such letters have to be written because these are mainly ruled by the need of finance that plays an essential role in every business and every life. Non-profit organizations need finance to run their organizations, students need finance to study further, and business need finance to expand their operations. Apart from these there are many other aspects of life that cannot work without sponsorships.

1. Under such situations it becomes essential to write a sponsorship letter. Through the words and statements in the letter you can show how important it is to get the monetary funding. Here are the top 10 tips to help you write an effective sponsorship letter:

2. First make a thorough research on the companies and organization that give monetary funding for various purposes. Then select which one is the best option for you in all regards.

3. Address the letter to the specified person who is in-charge of all the finance. Don't send a generalized letter without any specific name as no one will bother to go through it.

4. Keep your letter organized and well-documented. Also make sure that it written as a purely professional letter.

5. Put down the basic information about your organization or the project for which you need the extra finance. Even the smallest detail relevant to the project should be clearly mentioned.

6. State your profile and clearly mention your major activities with regards to the project. What you do and how you handle the project becomes a major concern for the potential sponsor.

7. Also mention the specific reason as to why you need the monetary funds. It's very important for the sponsors to know the reason of this request.

8. Keep your request humble and polite. Every word should express gratitude and request.

9. Take time to review and proofread your sponsorship letter so that there are no errors and grammatical mistakes.

10. Enclose a sponsorship form and conclude with a gentle thanks to the prospective sponsor.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Locate and Choose a Real Estate Agent

Meet Realtors out in their open houses, never in their places of work. High-quality real estate agents spend very little time at their office.

Make certain the agent has sold several listings and has worked a few years at least. The run of the mill agent closes only about a couple of houses yearly. A lot more sales mean more knowledge in the business.

The best place to meet real estate agents is at open houses. Realtors get a lot of general house viewers, you won't be bothering them, and a good real estate agent will be pleased to meet and know you. The agent understands that the open house rarely create a purchaser for that property and use the open house as a medium to find home shoppers.

Another good approach is to contact the agent with whom a friend or relative has worked with. If this real estate agent produced positive results on behalf of a buddy, there is a good possibility they'll do the same for you personally.

Try to see if the agent is in demand. A hard-working, go-getter of an agent is better for you. Be careful, sometimes they're too busy. A realtor can only effectively work with more or less a six home buyers and a dozen home sellers at any given time to correctly commit the time required to a home buyer. If they refer you to an assistant it would be best for you to find another realtor who can commit their time to you.

It's always critical that the agent is experienced. Ask questions concerning stuff you have learned from your new-found awareness in real estate. If the realtor does not comprehend anything that you are talking about, it would be a better move for you to find a seasoned realtor. Local community knowledge is particularly crucial especially in urban areas.

Look how the Realtor's MLS® listings come up in searches. All listings from small to big should include great photos - this is often the first indication of a proficient real estate agent who understands today's demanding market.

Check the status of the brokerage or the real estate agent with their peers. You would like a real estate agent that can network and work agreeably with other real estate agents. Seasoned agents usually know the other real estate agents in the vicinity and retain positive working relationships with them. This often transforms into better dealings.

Confirm the references that a real estate agent has given you. Ask the other agents you meet if they know the other real estate agent and if she respects them as a competitor.

Ask how long your real estate agent has been working full time. It really is not that newer agents aren't capable, but it's a consideration in making a well informed decision. Lots of "skilled" real estate agents are not always the best option either. This is somehow essential especially if the real estate agent is not technologically updated or equipped.

Determine who the agent is contracted to work on behalf of, this is called a seller or buyer agency, the buyer or the seller (a real estate agent selling a house nearly always works for the trader and tend to spin things a vendors way)

Ask "How will you inform me about my home sale? How often will you send me updates?" Will you inform me by email, phone or mail? Again, this is not a question with a correct answer. You can ask anything and pick the one who can best work with your given situation.

You should examine numerous houses around the same neighborhood on open house day, that way you will be able to get familiar with house prices in that neighborhood. This may help ensure you aren't being entirely fooled when you decide on a real estate agent.

Choose a Local Market Specialist. You'll find professionals that focus in specific neighborhoods. Even if you have got a realtor that you love, you might be better off with a real estate agent who knows the area well, and will be able to advise you about any concerning market conditions that an outsider might not be aware of.

When buying a property you will want to work with a Buyer's Agent. By doing this you're certain that the Agent will represent your interest in the deal. When you are a home seller, you should work with someone that's knowledgeable in representing the vendor and securing the best qualified home buyer helping you get the most for your listing. Not all real estate agents are specialists in working with home buyers or home sellers, so you need to ask the agent on what their expertise is.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Commercial Truck Lease - Bad Credit

If you are considering financing a semi truck or trailer, than you should know that now is the best time to buy. In today's weak economy, start-up and seasoned businesses have a great opportunity to get a very good deal on off lease and repo semi trucks, big rigs and over the road trucks.
It can be rough trying to find a good financing company in today's market for a truck semi trailer. The conventional ways of financing a truck, such as through a bank or dealer have subsided. Situations like this have caused many people to turn to secondary markets where repossession and off lease trucks and trailers are available for either a lease purchase or straight up cash buy. The good news is that ay secondary truck finance company will always have the trucks and trailers reconditioned.

The truck finance companies know that by fixing these trucks up they have a better chance to either re-lease them or sell them. However, if you happen to find yourself already in a lease purchase that you want to get out of, it can be tricky and scary. Although getting out of a lease agreement might hurt your financial situation and credit score, if you feel like you have no other choice, read your lease agreement very carefully and find out what the exact stipulations are. Ideally, you should have read through your lease purchase before signing it in the first place, so you should be at least somewhat familiar with the part of the lease which details terminating the lease. Lease terms vary widely If you have a month to month lease, usually you need to give notice in advance to know if you can even cancel it. If you have a good reason you want to cancel your lease purchase and you find someone to take over your truck note than you will have a better chance of getting out of it. Some semi truck lease companies will let you get out of a lease agreement early with minimal penalties. There are all sorts of reasons you will want or need to cancel your lease and while you are legally responsible for your lease, everyone understands that unforeseen circumstances do happen. If it's just because of a personal issue you want to get out of a lease than chances are you might not be able to get out of it. Semi truck prices vary depending on a number of factors such as model and the year the truck was bought. Financing a used semi truck can be done through a bank or private lender, so you can get to pay your seller the full amount, then worry about paying your lender on a monthly basis.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some Facts About Traffic Lawyers

Traffic citations can be expensive. The real cost of a traffic citation is much higher than the face amount of a citation. Traffic citations generally result in higher insurance premiums. Serious citations may even cause an insurer to drop a policy if they consider the offender to be a high risk driver. Some insurance companies specialize in high risk drivers and charge premiums that are much higher than the industry average. An attorney specializing in traffic law can be a citizen's first line of defense against traffic citations that are often capricious.

Sometimes fighting a traffic citation is necessary for reasons beyond mitigating the pain of high insurance costs. If a driver has already been found guilty of a number of citations, that driver might be facing the loss of their license. In such a case, traffic lawyers are not a luxury. They are a necessity. Losing one's license can result in a total loss of driving privileges. Each citation has a point value. That point value is deducted from the driver's total. A number of points equal to or less than zero results in a revocation or suspension of one's driving privileges.

Many citations are contestable. For example, a motorist might be cited for an unsafe lane deviation on a one lane road. Without the representation of a traffic lawyer, the motorist might not be aware that the statute he was cited under only applies to roadways with two or more lanes. A traffic lawyer can make an effective legal argument to have such a citation dismissed.

Towns and counties rely on citation revenue to cover part of their operating budgets. This results in overzealous enforcement in some communities. Often motorists are cited for speeding violations that are contestable. A traffic lawyer will be aware of issues that affect laser and radar detector calibrations. Skilled traffic lawyers may also have methods to attack an issuing officer's ticketing practices or credibility. These legal methods can often result in the dismissal of expensive traffic citations. Traffic lawyers are specialists. They have strategies for contesting tickets that the average citizen might not think to employ. With a thorough knowledge of state and local statutes and ordinances, they provide the average citizen with the means to defend themselves against egregiously expensive tickets.

People often think that hiring a traffic lawyer will be more expensive than simply pleading guilty to a citation and paying the fine. This is not necessarily the case. Speeding tickets can run into the hundreds of dollars without even factoring the effects on insurance cost. The increased insurance premiums alone will probably be more expensive over a one year period than the total fee of the traffic lawyer.

Many traffic lawyers offer free consultations. If one is cited for a violation of a traffic law, it is prudent to seek the advice of an experienced traffic lawyer. Rather than paying citations issued by state and local agencies, citizens ought to aggressively fight traffic citations. The skills of an expert traffic lawyer should not be underestimated.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Six Mistakes Teenagers Do While Handling Money

Are you a spendthrift? Do you spend money lavishly? If your answer is Yes', you need to seriously control your finances for a planned and secure future. As teenager, you make certain mistakes while spending that you are not aware of. This is because adolescence is a stage when you don't have the proper knowledge of handling money. You repeat the same mistake again and again, just to fulfill your unnecessary wants. You are unaware of the value and importance of money. For you, it is very easy to spend the hard-earned money of your parents.

Parents at times may overlook your mistakes, but you as a growing teen and a gentleman of tomorrow, should know your responsibilities and basics of money management. Let's have a look on the typical mistakes that teens generally do.

1. Buy more than what is needed
It is very common in teenagers because they spend impulsively without knowing the actual need while buying certain things. They spend more on accessories, clothes, eating-out, movies, night-outs and things that give them pleasure. For them, their monthly allowance is never sufficient, as they spend on unnecessary things and demand for more money from their parents. Unfortunately, many parents during such situations become emotional and give money to their children and their overspending habits remain unsolved.

2. Purchase expensive brands to impress friends
Teens to attract friends make costly purchases. They want to impress their friends/relatives with their material possessions. Showing-off their status makes them feel good and on the top. This kind of attitude is generally seen in teens who have rich and sophisticated parents. Parents don't even give a second thought when teens ask them for a bigger amount.

3. Don't shop intelligently
Most teens are shopping freaks and shop to hang out with friends. They tend to purchase things that are not required. While buying mobiles, vehicles or other expensive items, they don't make an effort to do some research to get the items at reasonable prices. If the product is attractive, they just buy it. They overlook the functionality and durability aspect of the product.

4. Take debt for celebrating parties
People party on specific and special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. But teens just need a reason to celebrate. They party even when they purchase mobiles, laptops, electronic gadgets, vehicle, etc. They unnecessarily take debt for giving parties.

5. Misuse credit cards
Some teens misuse their parents'/relatives' credit cards. They use credit cards to purchase unnecessary things. They know how to spend but not how to pay back. Often times, their parents pay the bill. Teens don't know how painful it is to pay the bill for things that are not worthy.

6. Spend more on unhealthy habits
Teens are prone to unhealthy habits, when they hang out with the wrong group of friends. They can get addicted to unhealthy habits such as smoking, taking drugs, consuming alcohol, etc. They usually want to eat or treat their friends at expensive restaurants/bars.

If you are committing above mentioned mistakes, try and avoid them as much as possible and try to control your expenses. Learn to handle your finances, at young age for a secured financial future.

Leasing Retail Space - Negotiating The Right Deal

Letter of Intent (LOI)

Retail space negotiations are complicated and time-consuming. Once you have located the retail space which is ideal for your business, the next step is to negotiate an agreement which protects you and is acceptable to the landlord. Industry practice for retail space is to negotiate a letter of intent before negotiating the lease.
Use an Attorney!

Engage an attorney to assist in the letter of intent negotiation. It probably seems that the letter of intent is informal and can easily be negotiated without an attorney. However, there are issues you should address in the letter of intent which may not be obvious if you have not previously negotiated letters of intent for retail.
Wow! This is Complicated

Common factors for a retail space letter of intent include: defining the parties (leasor and leasee aka landlord and tenant), defining the space, defining the rent including any percentage rent, defining the basis for calculating sales or net income if they are involved in calculating rent, the initial term, any renewal options, rent for renewal options period, the day at which lease payments commence, the date of occupancy, the condition of the space when the landlord provides it to the tenant, tenant improvement allowances provided by the landlord, who performs the tenant improvements, is the tenant required to use union labor for tenant improvements, is the tenant required to use a general contractor for tenant improvements (TI), who pays for the cost of the ADA compliance, who maintains what (i.e roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc), who pays which expenses, calculating the payment for CAM (common area maintenance), free rent, and identification of the broker and payment of the brokerage fee if relevant.
You Mean There is More!

Other issues which you may want to address in the letter of intent include expense escalations, co-tenancy issues, eminent domain, foreclosure, maintenance standards, definition of the amount of leaseable space, personal guarantees, purchase option, subleasing, required hours of operation, dedicated parking, who is responsible for obtaining variances related to signage and usage of the retail space, expansion options, first right of refusal, can the tenant keep the TI allowance not needed for construction, can the landlord relocate the tenant if the space is needed to accommodate another tenant, late payment fees, the mechanics of providing notice of default and any options for the tenant to cure the default, mechanics of dispute resolution between the landlord and tenant, and a right to terminate if your sales do not stabilize at a minimum level.
Complete LOI First

Complete and obtain an executed copy of the letter of intent before beginning on the lease agreement. The primary objective of the letter of intent is to negotiate and agree upon the business issues. The lease documents these agreements. Discuss fees to negotiate the lease with your attorney. Agree upon an hourly rate and estimate of the total fees. Agree the attorney will call if it appears the cost is going to exceed the estimate.
The following sections of the leasing retail space article focuses upon issues which merit commentary.

Percentage Rent

Percentage rent -- make sure the agreement regarding percentage rent is clear. If percentage rent is based on sales, define sales. For example, is sales-tax remitted to the city and state included in sales? It is even more difficult to define net profits, which is why most percentage rent leases are based upon sales instead of profits. Attempt to look at the definition of net profits from a detached perspective. If you gave the definition to a six grader, could they understand it?
Renewal Options

Renewal options -- tenants love them and landlords prefer to avoid them. In general, a larger number of shorter renewal options are better for the tenant. In addition, shorter notice periods to announce the tenants intend to renew are desirable for the tenant. Landlords prefer as much notice as possible regarding whether or not the tenet plans to renew.
Renewal Option Rental Rates

Renewal option rental rates -- tenants typically want fixed rental rates for renewal periods. Landlords typically want the rental rate based upon market rent. Agreeing upon market rents can be difficult and expensive. Reasonable people can disagree regarding the level for market rent for a retail space. For example, should the premium for an end-cap space be 10% or 100%? Retail space is not fungible. It recently signed lease for retail space within the same center provides insight into market rent. However, in most cases it will not clearly defined market rent.
The Market Research and Consulting division of O'Connor & Associates provides information necessary to make decision to commercial real estate professionals. Occupancy and Rental Data, ownership and management information are routinely gathered for four major land uses multifamily, office, retail and industrial. This information allows investors to compare competitive properties, facilitate business decisions and track market and submarket performance. In addition the data is useful to brokers who for example continually monitor Houston retail space leasing, Houston office space leasing, Houston industrial space leasing, Houston apartments, Dallas apartments, Ft. Worth apartments, Austin apartments, and San Antonio apartments.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Growing a Business Risk Free with an Unsecured Business Loan

It cannot be denied that it is impossible for a business to exist without having necessary funds. Going for a broader vision and looking for every available option strategically is integral for running a business most effectively. Finding a flexible source of business financing through which risk free options are offered and the business receives assistance for growing in a better way must be found.

Attaining a hassle free process for the provision of the business loan amount, as conveniently as possible, is the main priority when talking from the perspective of small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, when bearing the strict policies of a tradition bank loan cannot be afforded by a business and the number of resources is limited, a significant role for the protection of the business is played by an unsecured bank loan.

The least process of documentation is involved in getting any unsecured business loan and here it is merely necessary to consider the most important steps of formality. Loans can be sanctioned very quickly and the amount obtained can be used for all kinds of expenditures or further diverse expansion plans related to the business.

There are a number of factors on which the business depends and all of them have to be planned in advance. In the case of an emergency, ways of securing a business should be thought out before hand. The importance of an unsecured business loan can be better understood through the right example.

For instance an order from an entrepreneur was received by the clientele and the payment of the invoice from their side is being anticipated by the business owner. In this case, for the money to be invested in other business plans, attaining maximum recovery from their side is necessary. Problem arises for business owners when one of their clients is suffering from bad debt and fails at making the repayment. Merely because a client fails to make the payment of products or services does not meant hat the business plans will be halted because of it. In this case, when business owners require financial assistance to continue their business plans an unsecured business loan can be very helpful. An unsecured business loan can be immediately applied for and financial backup from a reliable unsecured money lender is also immediately received.

Business owners must never forget that adverse results in one way or the other will have to be faced by them if they fulfill the needs of their business by trying a traditional bank loan. If a business has been newly established, it is never ideal to go for a typical bank loan since collateral also has to be submitted in return for it. Thus one way or the other, there is a risk of the business plans being hampered, especially if such a loan is defaulted.

Thus for any emergency business finance requirements, the best thing to do for business owners is to consider getting an unsecured business loan and Merchant Cash Advance is the best place to get such business loans.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bankruptcy Car Financing Should Not Be Humiliating

Bankruptcy Does Not Mean No Car Loan

If you are suffering from a bankruptcy on your credit history, you need to immediately get a mindset that no one is doing you a favor by financing or selling you a car. If anything, you are doing the lender or the dealer a favor by offering them the chance to help you with your bankruptcy car financing. If a dealer or lender tells you that he or she is doing you a favor, you need to find another dealer. A lender or a car dealer should treat those with a bankruptcy with the same respect and integrity offered to good-credit borrowers. Many people have suffered a bankruptcy in these dismal economic times.

No Preconceived Notions

You may have been hearing or reading that bankruptcy car financing is not possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of that stuff probably does not even pertain to you. Your bankruptcy car financing is as individual as yourself. You will want to find a lender or car dealer who will sit down with you and discuss your particular needs in light of where you stand financially.

Bankruptcy aside, your lender or salesperson will want to know some important factors:

Do you have a steady job with a decent salary?

Does your salary afford you the wherewithal to meet a bankruptcy car financing payment?

Do you intend honor the repayment terms as specified in the contract?

Other factors for bankruptcy car financing will require some documentation as well:

Have you been on the job for at least three months? (pay stubs or bank statements)

Do you have proof of residency? (usually a utility or cell phone bill)

Have you held a direct-deposit checking account for at least three months? (bank statements)

Have you reached the age of majority? Government issued identification to prove it? (18-21 by state)

Your lender or seller may want to ask you specific questions about your bankruptcy. To qualify for bankruptcy car financing, be prepared to answer these or similar questions:

How long have you been unemployed? Or, did you have a temporary job loss?

Did you have to take a temporary personal leave of absence?

Did you or a family member have unexpected medical bills?

Did you go through a divorce?

If you can find a good lender or seller who is willing to sit down, have a conversation revolving around you and your need for bankruptcy car financing, and who treats you the same as someone with a good credit report, you are probably in good hands.

Bankruptcy Is a Trial, Humiliation Should Not Be Added

Of course bankruptcy is going to have you feeling some negative emotions about yourself, your finances and maybe even the world in general. Sometimes bankruptcies are the result of bad or even dishonest choices, but this is not the rule off thumb. Bankruptcies happen to good people and it is a way to start anew and start rebuilding. Many have been down the same path; you are not a financial pariah. A good thing about bankruptcy car financing: If you make your payments on time and see the loan through to maturity according to the terms of your contract, you will be taking a big step toward getting your credit history back in shape.

BPO Accounting Defined

We all know that Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is now an accepted practice in many businesses these days. Even micro entrepreneurs have turned to BPO companies with the intention of acquiring quality service without having to spend too much time, money and effort on acquiring it.

BPO services range anywhere from booking flights, to web development, to information technology enabled services or ITES, etc. Some popular examples of ITES include medical transcriptions, back-office accounting, company financing, some aspects of telecommunications, insurance (i.e. insurance claims and inquiries,) credit card processing, and many more.

Accounting / Financing Outsourcing

BPO companies offering accounting processing provide valuable service to many of their patrons. It should be noted that in some instances financing and accounting services among BPO companies almost always work as one. Accounting / Financial experts from these aforementioned companies provide their clients with accurate and timely financial information; not to mention analysis critical to strategic decision-making functions. Of course, the main objective of the BPO companies is to provide exactly the services its clients ask for, including possible work in one or two transacting areas such as accounts payable processing, account reconciliation and analysis, billing and collections, cash application, financial and operational reporting, fixed asset accounting, general accounting, project accounting and vendor management.

Although these aforementioned services are generally the crux of what BPO companies provide, they are not limited to these. Some companies have more specialized needs and the BPO company that can best adapt itself to its customer is by far, the leaders outsourcing in the race.

A good example of specialized needs is the introduction of accounting and financial assistance in schools and universities. Educational institutions from different countries are now seeking BPO companies to handle the bulk of their financing and accounting workloads. Outsourcing processes can cover electronic processing of alternative funds certification, disbursements or refunds, lender follow up, loan follow up, loan certification, and title grants, to name a few.

Short term contracts among BPO companies and clients cover wide areas of finance and accounting; and these short term contracts seem to be more popular among clients than long term ones. Some of the contractual short term services include: account balancing, account reconciliation, audit support, financial analysis, financial reporting, policy and procedural documentation, process assessment, process re-engineering, Sarbanes Oxley compliance, transaction processing efficiency review, etc.

Part of accounting work of course, entails a great deal of book keeping; and some of the most primary areas of book keeping include: accounting data entry, accounts receivables, accounts payables, auditing, bank reconciliation, preparation of ledgers, and the preparation of financial statements.

On A More Detailed Note

On a more detailed note, some clients may prefer to know what exactly will they be getting when they hire BPO companies to do their accounting and financial workloads. It should be noted that discretion and privacy are two of the greatest elements offered by successful BPO companies, beyond that, accuracy and timeline follows a close second.

Here is a more detailed look as to the general idea (but certainly not limited to this alone) that covers accounting and financing outsourcing services.

With accounts receivable, services may include: bank advice clearance, client billing, client settlement, correcting encoding errors, and suspense clearance. With accounts payable, services may include: bank payment entries, bookkeeping, cash allocation, cash application, cash payment entries, credit balance refunds, credit card accounting entries, journal entries, payment research, statutory dues, and third party settlement. With accounts reconciliation, services may include: assets and liabilities, bank, branch accounting, general ledger and third party settlement.

With reporting and analysis, services may include: financial statement analysis and statutory reporting. With payroll processing, services may include: Form 940 federal unemployment tax return, Form 941 federal tax return, general ledger posting report, next day processing, quarterly local tax return, quarterly state unemployment tax return, W-2 Forms for all employees, W-2 state withholding recap, W-3 federal withholding recap, and year end local tax reconciliation.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Go For Financial Certifications ?

Most newbies wish to find out how financial certifications help them with their professional aspirations and which exam makes most sense to go for.

Considering the fact that the candidates are from different backgrounds, the answer cannot be generalized. There are some who are already, in some way are related to the finance industry, some coming with IT backgrounds, some already possess a solid knowledge of financial products and involved instruments and a good general understanding of the industry, then there are those who before going for graduation in quant degree, would like to build up a more solid foundation with an official exam.

Some of the most sought after certifications are:

> Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) offered by CFA Institute (formerly known as AIMR):

Three levels -

* The Level I : introduction to asset valuation, financial reporting and analysis, and portfolio management techniques.

* The Level II :asset valuation, and includes applications of the tools and inputs (including economics, financial reporting and analysis, and quantitative methods) in asset valuation.

* The Level III : portfolio management, and includes strategies for applying the tools, inputs, and asset valuation models in managing equity, fixed income, and derivative investments for individuals and institutions.

> Financial Risk Manager (FRM) offered by GARP - Global Association of Risk Professionals

Two Parts -

Part I:

* Financial Markets and Products

* Foundations of Risk Management

* Quantitative Analysis

* Valuation and Risk Models

Part II:

* Market Risk Measurement and Management

* Credit Risk Measurement and Management

* Operational and Integrated Risk Management

* Risk Management and Investment Management

* Current Issues in Financial Markets

> Professional Risk Managers (PRM) offered by PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers' International Association

Four Exams -
* EXAM I: Finance Theory, Financial Instruments and Markets
* EXAM II: Mathematical Foundations of Risk Measurement
* EXAM III: Risk Management Practices
* EXAM IV: Case Studies, PRMIA Standards of Best Practice, Conduct and Ethics, Bylaws

Then there are others like :
> The Financial Services Authority (FSA), a universal British finance regulator; you can take these two exams either together or separately, and there's also certificates in Investment Management and Corporate Finance if you're going down that route. (

> Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) - focuses the fundamental concepts and techniques for modeling and managing risk

> Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) - centres around knowledge in the identification, measurements and management of risk within riskbearing enterprises

> Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) - deals with financial decisions concerning retirement benefits, life insurance, annuities, health insurance, investments, finance, and enterprise risk management are made, including the application of advanced concepts and techniques for modeling and managing risk. ()

The thing they all have in common is that these certifications:
> help you to better equip yourself with the essential knowledge to pursue a career in finance
> empower you by adding credentials to your resume
> expand your professional opportunities
> provides you with the ability to network with some of the world's leading finance professionals

Let's consider what the most sought after certifications have in store for you :

Talking from curriculum perspective:

The FRM curriculum goes into the detail on areas of financial and non-financial risk while the CFA curriculum provides a broad view of financial analysis in general.

The FRM Level 1 syllabus will overlap with some part of the CFA curriculum, mainly in the areas of quantitative analysis, portfolio theory, derivatives, and fixed income securities etc.

The FRM and CFA overlap at Level 2 is minimal. Still, some concepts that are mentioned briefly in the CFA curriculum, such as value at risk, credit risk, risk budgeting, and hedge funds, are expanded upon in level 2 FRM curriculum.

Exclusive to the FRM exams are readings on operational and integrated risk management, Basel II, current issues in financial markets, and case studies in risk management.

Broadly speaking, the FRM exams tend to have more of a quantitative focus than the CFA exams.

Regarding PRM syllabus, it's almost the same as FRM syllabus with an overlap of almost 80-90%.
PRM is a bit more extensive and rigorous on quantitative part. CFAs or Actuaries who want a risk management certification prefer PRM since it grants them exemption of upto 2 exams.

CFA and FRM Exam are slightly more popular among test- takers and among employers because it has a longer history, however PRM is quickly gaining ground and all three designations have come to be equally respected.

Talking about the job opportunities:
The key thing to note is that job markets are diverse.
The CFA is helpful if you want to work in equity research or, say, become a debt analyst.
The FRM/PRM would be more relevant to a risk manager.
For other Financial Services jobs (e.g., consulting, sales, management), these credentials are elements that complement your overall presentation.
Like the MBA, they don't buy you advancement per se, rather they enhance your resume.

Let me assure you that among the industry, there is NO prevailing argument' for or against one of the exams.

So take a look at the syllabi, test-structure and most importantly your long term career goals to make out which one suite you the best.
Once you zero-in, take the plunge!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Personal Finance: Best Tips and Practices Today

Do you ever wonder where your money goes every month? Does it sometimes seem as though you cannot afford to do things because your financial obligations are holding you back? If you find that you are asking yourself these sorts of questions, perhaps you should take a look at your financial situation and assess whether you are practicing good personal finance management or not. Good personal finance management spends within their income, plan for the future and solve financial problems as they arise. Poor personal finance management pay more, do without and fall behind. If you find yourself in the second category, you can do something about it. You can learn to take charge of your finances by planning your personal finances.

Planning your personal finances doesn't always come naturally, and even if you're just beginning to take your financial matters seriously, then you likely need a few personal finance tips.

Evaluate your current financial situation. One of the most important goals for most people is financial independence. Collect accurate information about your personal financial situation. Calculate your net worth which includes the real estate, saving and retirement accounts, and all other assets. This will help you decide how much money you can set aside for meeting future needs and goals.

A basic personal finance tip is to make a budget. A personal finance budget is information made up of your income and expenses and the more accurate this information is, the more likely you are be able to meet your goals and realize your dreams. A personal finance budget should be made for at most one year at a time and include a list of your monthly expenses.

All expenses must be included. To be sure of that go through all your paid bills, check register and credit card receipts to find expenditures that recure every month and expenditures that happen less frequently. Personal finance budgeting requires some small sacrifices. To be able to make good personal financial decisions and set priorities, you must know where your money is actually going. Start your budget and accomplish your goals.

Get an electronic bill pay. This is a very convenient way to pay your bills. You pay them electronically, by direct withdrawal from your bank account. The transaction is processed immediately. You can even link your bill pay service to your personal finance budget, so that your expenditures are automatically entered in the appropriate category. Personal financial management can be really easy.

Make an investment and finance plan. Now that the fundamental state of your personal financial security has been established, the time has come for the more prosperous part of your personal financial life. You need to make a personal finance plan of what you really want in life that money can buy. Your personal financial plan can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Find out how to finally start to implement this plan and get the money to finance it. This is the long term part of your financial. This journey is the most interesting and exciting part of personal financing you can have toward financial freedom.

You can prepare for a secure personal financial future by following these simple tips. When you take control with your money, you don't have to worry about debt taking control of you.