Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Estate and Global Warming Facts

The number 1 area that will see a huge increase in real estate value due to global warming

Adam: Hi, This is Adam, here with Steve Soreno, author of the Global Warming Survival Bible.
We've covered a lot about safety and survival. Are there positive effects from global warming?

Steve: Yes, definitely. Anything bad has a silver lining. In the case of global warming, that silver lining can be substantial. As an example out of the multitude of possibilities, there will be benefits to the real estate value in some areas of the world, or even areas within some countries or very small specific regions. And I'm saying that because an increased valuation will be caused by two things: for one, some areas will in fact benefit directly from global warming and that will have a positive effect to real estate in these specific areas. Secondly, some areas may not benefit directly but the fact that some neighboring regions will suffer more from global warming will make these places be perceived as an increased value. Broad examples of places that will benefit from global warming are: parts of Canada, Norway, Sweden and other places as well.

Adam: Do you have an example?

Steve: Sure, as an example, Northern parts of some of the Canadian provinces will see increases in real estate value of 4-5-6 hundred percent in the next 10-20-30 years because these places will have a huge influx of people in the coming years. And that will happen because a lot of people from all over the world will want to escape drastic climate changes in their own countries and will migrate to Canada. Why they'll want to migrate there? As an example northern Ontario has more lakes and fresh water than any other place in the world, its northern parts will warm up to become good for agriculture, and it has plenty of uninhabited space that is extremely affordable now.

And this is just an example, but there will be other positive effects from global warming that people can make the most of. However, as with anything else, timing is crucial.

Adam: Awesome stuff, Steve. If you'd like to learn more about what you can do to prepare for future changes visit You can also get the rest of the videos in the series plus two chapters from Steve's international book release.

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